Who we are:

Novus Novuss is a company aiming to modernise one of Estonia and Latvia's biggest gifts to the world. Novuss/ Koroona, a game long associated with summer houses and sailing ships has been excluded from the urban milieu, meaning even those most familiar with the northernmost of the Baltic countries have never heard of their answer to billiards. Our tables, solid and modern in both style and design are designed for use as dining tables, coffee tables, for everyday use in offices, restaurants, hotels. Their dual functionality makes them ideal for bars and cafes with limited space, but a need to entertain their clients.


History of game


Novuss (sometimes known as 'Sea Billiards') was developed by sailors from Latvia and Estonia, specifically the ports of Tallinn, Rīga, Ventspils and Liepāja in the 1920s, seeking to relieve their boredom on the long winter nights during their voyages to and from the United Kingdom. The function of the game is not far removed from her landlubber cousin, billiards/pool. However, the balls used for these games, rendered useless by rolling seas were replaced with discs, meaning that during turbulent weather, the game could be left, and returned to when the weather had calmed down. Following theturbulent events of World War 2 and the absorption of both Estonia and Latvia into their large eastern neighbour, the game acquired a certain popularity in the USSR, especially in Leningrad and Moscow, and we hopethat in the 21 century, it will also become known throughout the wider world.



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